Why it Might Be Time to Remove Your Swimming Pool

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For many people, moving into a house with a pool is a dream come true. However, eventually, many people find that what they thought was going to be the ultimate luxury isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. There are some cases in which homeowners find that they might want to say goodbye to their pool. If you’re one of those people, you’re not alone! We receive many phone calls each year from customers looking to remove their old swimming pool. Some reasons you might want to dig out your old pool might include:

You Never Use It: It happens, you think you’ll use your pool on a regular basis, but you simply don’t. Your swimming pool sits unused for weeks or months on end. Meanwhile, a huge chunk of your yard is lost to the space the pool takes up. If you never use your swimming pool, there’s a lot you could be doing with that lost space.

It’s a Huge Expense: Many new pool owners are shocked to find out how expensive it can be to maintain a pool. The water has to be cleaned and treated on a regular basis, which probably means that you have to hire someone to conduct maintenance on your pool for you. In addition, you probably have a pool filter that is constantly running. This can cause your power bill to go up every month. If your pool is heated, you can expect even more energy costs. If having a pool turns out to be more trouble than it’s worth for your family, you may decide it’s time to dig out and fill your pool.

It’s in Bad Shape: Nothing lasts forever, your swimming pool included. Pools will crack and experience leaks over time. Sometimes these leaks can be repaired, but eventually, your pool will have to be replaced completely. Replacing a swimming pool is a major expense and not one that some owners are willing to take on. If your pool is beyond repair, and you’re not sure if you want to replace it, contact our office and we can schedule a consultation to talk about removing your old, unsafe pool for good.

Safety Concerns: Finally, we can’t ignore that fact that for many families, a swimming pool is a major safety concern. If you have small children, it’s important that you take safety precautions to ensure that they never fall into your swimming pool accidentally. You can go through the expense of having a fence built around your pool, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it isn’t still a hazard. Imagine that you’re on vacation and some high school kids decide to sneak into your backyard to use your pool. If someone gets hurt in the process, you’re actually liable for anything that happens on your property. This may be an unlikely situation, but it’s still something to take into consideration, especially if you don’t really use your pool often anyway.

If you’re considering getting rid of your swimming pool, call our office and one of our friendly associates can tell you more about the process. We’ve removed and filled hundreds of swimming pools over the years for homeowners just like you.